Travel Tips: Cheap Flights

This is a very popular topic in our society today. Everyone wants to pay $50 to go to all over the world from NYC. Well, I’m here to tell you that you better be ready for the challenges ahead. You’ll get the flight but will you be happy with how you do? This is the question a lot of people do not ask themselves before searching for these error fares and super cheap deals.

Here are some adjectives you need to consider being while searching for your flights.


You have to ask yourself if you are setting a practical goal. Yes, Shirley was able to go to Southeast Asia on a shoestring budget but can you? Consider the time of year you’re planning on going. Who is or isn’t going with you?

Kamau and I have gradually gotten better and better at finding flight deals. With that said, we have settled for not so low flights before because of timelines that were out of our hand. Or even because we had the funds to splurge at the time.

Tip: When thinking about a practical flight price, consider 3 things. The price most people pay, the ideal amount you want to pay and then the number in between. For example, I want to go to Cuba for $200 or less. It looks possible, but many people pay in the $300’s. My ultimate goal (my big reach) is for around $180. Will I get it? I will let you know later this year. Stay tuned. If I get it for $200+, that’s okay. It’s the practical “cheaper” amount. I mainly don’t want to pay $300+.


Since our family and friends look to us for travel advice now, we’ve noticed that some people want the world but don’t want to budge. What I mean by this is that cheap travel is most often inconvenient and not based on what you want. It’s about what is offered. “Inconvenient & Cheap” is something we will make a Youtube video about in a couple of weeks.

Many people try to get cheap flights the time of day they want, day of the week most convenient for them, to the destination they want, the airport they want, the arrival time they want, with the number of people they want, all while being upgraded to business class. Do I need to say more?

Be flexible with your demands. Of course, consider what you’re willing to settle for versus non-negotiable. Tip: Make a mental or physical list of things you are not willing to waiver on when looking for your cheap flights. This will help you to quickly vet your options and not accidentally purchase tickets that don’t work for you.


When figuring out plans for Italy and Spain last year, I knew the practical amount I was looking for and knew what aspects we could be flexible about. Then I waited. I was like a lioness in high grass. I waited and waited, and watched prices for Rome and Barcelona. I had alerts on Google Flights. Kamau continually searched all his discount flight sites. We waited and checked constantly. When I got too tired to watch, Kamau would watch harder. Then when he was tired of checking some days, I would check harder. Then finally we were able to go to Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Venice, all for about $1,000 with tax included and for 2 adults.

To some people, we lucked out. No, we were prepared and patient. Simple.

Tip: Put alerts on different types of flights that fit what your plans are for your trip. Don’t put all your hopes on one specific airline and flight date or time. Add a variance of your ideal flight.