Las Vegas


If you haven’t seen our YouTube video about our trip recap, stop reading and click here. Then return to continue reading.

Welcome back. Now, this was my first time to Vegas and Kamau’s return. Weeks before, I started checking the weather for over there and quickly realized how hot it was going to be. I felt like I was tricked! I hate being hot. I’m not a summer girl at all. Ever since my back brace days when I was a pre-teen in middle school. Ugh. Hate the heat, but everyone said the infamous, “It’s dry heat”. You know what that means? Nothing. You’re still sweating. And just our luck, we visited during a heatwave. This left me semi-miserable and complaining the second night there. Therefore my biggest tip is PREPARE FOR THE HEAT.


Day 1

We drove from LA to LV and I had a blast as the passenger. We even stopped to say “Hi” to my cousin along the way, which was a great surprise. Then we continued on for another 2 hours. And what you need to know about the drive is, it’s beautiful! I’ve never been in a desert and I’m used to seeing trees around me when on the highway. I couldn’t stop pulling out the camera or Instagram for videos or pictures. I would highly recommend the drive.

Accommodation – Airbnb. It was a motel style condo/loft situation. Goes to show you that clicking “Private Room” is not a bad thing. To see our room, click here.

Kamau does not want to give anyone free promotion (insert eye roll here) but we did stuff our faces and eat a whole pizza pie. The restaurant was showcased on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. I’m sure we will reveal the name at some point, so watch out for future Twitter tweets or Facebook posts. It was so good.

Then we headed to the Neon Museum with some new friends (long story short: we met the wife in Barcelona earlier this year). We saw this place on our Instagram feed and had to ask the traveling couple where they were. Luckily our friends had never been there either. It was a very informative tour about Las Vegas. We started while the sun was setting and then ended at night. The signs started to light up while we were on our guided tour.

After all the bright lights, we went to even brighter lights on Freemont Street. It definitely was an experience. There was a music performance, girls on bars, girls with electric tape on their nipples, frozen drinks as if we were at Wet Willy’s in Atlantic City, NJ, there were annoying drunks, and pricey restaurants. Oh, the joy.  Great company is needed for times like these because Kamau and I went with the flow and had a great time.

Quick shout out to the restaurant that lets people over 350lbs eat free. America. Wow.


Day 2

This day was super hot. I tried to prepare but there was no preparing for this. Even so, we headed to Red Rock Canyon that morning before it was too hot to breathe heavily. Unfortunately, we didn’t walk too much of a trail but instead did the scenic drive. It was AMAZING. I was already amazed at the mountains while we drove through the desert to Vegas, but this was hands down the best view. Really put things in perspective. We are so tiny.

Disclaimer: Please be careful while driving. I felt like we were going to drive off a cliff at any moment during some of those turns. Take your time. 

After our religious experience, we headed to the casinos later on that afternoon. First, we had lunch at Momofuku because we’re fans of David Chang. Then we had to casino hop because I was being a baby. It was too hot, had heartburn from a bubbly drink during lunch, I felt like I had swamp ass and was chaffing. I was not happy. Kamau tried his best not to be annoyed (Love that man), but I can admit I was a pain and we made the best out of it. That’s when the real fun started.

The High Roller Happy Half-Hour is a must! I would advise you go with friends though. It was nice to be with my hubby, but it would’ve also been fun if we could be silly with friends. I had 3 drinks (one every 10 minutes) and Kamau had 4 drinks (overachiever). There is a timer in the capsule you’re in, along with facts about the High Roller and the current height you’re at.

For the rest of the night, we casino hopped some more and I complained about the heat. Saw “New York, New York” which looked a lot like a casino in Atlantic City (AC). Then ended up in Hooters’ Casino. It was actually my favorite. I think a lot of people weren’t there because of the walk. I love Hooters’ wings, so it was a good choice. Great way to end the night and end our stay in Vegas.