Los Angeles

If anyone asked me about my most memorable part of our time in LA, I would have to say the vegan food. There were incredible vegan eats, which re-inspired me to go back to my more meatless ways. Of course NYC has vegan eats, but for some reason it tasted even more fresh and delicious in LA. Sorry NYC.


First place we went to was Sage. Kamau saw this place last season on Chelsea when Cory Booker was a guest on the show. He spoke nonstop about this place for months and Sage did not let us down. It was delicious. Please get the Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings.

Then we went to Cafe Gratitude before spending the day at Venice Beach. My meal was a little less impressive there, but it was good nonetheless. The most interesting part about this restaurant is the ambiance. There was a question of the day presented by the waiter (How can you be more mindful today?). At the top of the menu it says “I AM…” and each dish is represented by a word. For example, I had the “Humble” and Kamau had the “Glorious”. Therefore we were supposed to order like this… “I AM Humble” or “I AM Glorious”. Personally I think it’s kind of funny, most people may think it’s annoying, but overall, I will say this place is more stereotypical vegan. FYI: Don’t get the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings here.

La Quinceañera

Then there was Gracias Madre. Mmm Hmm! Yes! We went to eat there the night before we left and I am very happy we didn’t skip it. It’s definitely in a more celebrity hub if you’re into that. We saw one actor and one singer while there. Anyway, the drinks are so satisfying. A perfect place to grown up drink. Meaning have a glass and laugh with friends. Not the type of place to look like a bum in. Everyone looked like they were cut out of an ad from a magazine. For dinner there was very dim lighting and the decor felt like someone’s diner party.

*Note: The price range of these places is comparable to an Olive Garden or Red Lobster (probably cheaper).


Being active is the second thing I remember from our trip. I was determined for us to go to the Runyon Canyon . What I didn’t realize about the trails is how high and steep some parts are. There was one trail that looked so unsafe to me and went beyond my explorer level. Kamau was ready to walk and climb it but I said, “Maybe next time.” And luckily we do have time to revisit the hills over there.



At my day job, I have a team that works in LA. I visited them while I was there, and got to see the areas we’ve been working in. One of the most confusing things for me when it comes to LA is the neighborhoods/cities/counties/municipalities. It’s ridiculous. Trying to figure out what to call an area has been a chunk of my workload for the past few months. So visiting neighborhoods was top on my list.


The areas we visited were Koreatown (where we resided), Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downey, Venice Beach, Echo Park, and Barstow. It’s really interesting how unique every area is. Definitely get around to as many places as possible.


We will visit again. Until then we’re off to another city!