Washington, DC

Length of Trip: 3 days (Fri-Sun)

Drive: about 4 hours

As many of you know, Washington DC is the control tower of the United States. This was me and Kamau’s second time visiting, but first time staying the weekend, and it was equally a good time. We knew exactly where we wanted to hang out, but the most important part was the birthday celebration we were there for. Our friend was turning 30 and we wanted to make sure he had a great time.

Eastern Market

This place is great. They have a farmer’s market/ flea market feel to it. There is a delicious breakfast spot inside called Market Lunch. This was our second time there and it did not disappoint anyone. If you decide to go make sure you have cash with you.

Besides food, there are plenty of shops around the area as well. You can buy things like bowties, sunglasses, clothing, and artwork.

National Air and Space Museum

I personally was not interested in this but the birthday boy wanted to go. Kamau and I went through and took a few pictures. I also did a few live streams on Twitter and Instagram. Learned… not sure what I learned. Maybe Kamau has more information on that. My main piece of advice is don’t have your camera out before you get through security. They will yell at you.

Boomerang Boat Tour

The booze tour was, of course, my favorite part. If you watch our recap video, you see us taking a ski shot. The second time we did it was the end of me. The birthday boy chose fireball as the liquor. *insert gagging face here* Needless to say, I had to end my night and Kamau’s night a bit shorter than planned. The world was caving in on me.

Otherwise, this was a really good deal. Perfect for groups traveling together. You see a lot of DC. A part of me wished we got to do an earlier tour time, but it was sold out. There is no food on the boat which is also something to consider when drinking heavily.


Visiting Washington, DC is a great weekend trip if you live in the Northeast. Our friends took off work the Friday, but Kamau and I work Friday and headed down right after work. There was a lot of traffic in NJ, therefore we took even longer to get down there. We did make in time for our semi-cajun dinner at PoBoy Jim. I would definitely return there. Fishbowls and Poboys. Yum.

What are some of your favorite weekend trips?